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Naturally, I’m biased about why the best beach tent to buy for a gift would be our eco-friendly Crescent, but… I think I can quickly convince you with 5 great reasons why a beach tent is a fantastic gift for anyone in your life.

  1. It’s a unique idea! How many beach tents have you received as gifts in the past? Exactly.
  2. You are giving a gift to someone that literally will protect them when they are out doing something they love. That’s really thoughtful.
  3. It’s doesn’t cost as much as a new car and it definitely says I want to spend some time outdoors doing something fun together! That’s a really nice sentiment and something you get to enjoy too!
  4. It’s eco-friendly! At least the Crescent is… and that means you’re not inadvertently causing further harm to the planet just by trying to get someone a nice gift that will last and create some great memories.
  5. The 60cm sized brown eco-friendly box won’t accidentally get mistaken for a diamond ring before it gets opened… That’s not always a problem when it comes to gift-giving but it can be a huge plus in some situations!

If I haven’t convinced you, go take a look in the garage, attic, storage closet, wherever the receiver of your gift would store their perfect beach tent gift, and try to imagine what would be a better idea. Gotcha!

Photo by Nina Mercado on Unsplash



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