100% Recycled Material

ReCanvas is our innovative material purposefully designed to provide a cooler, eco-friendly beach experience. The unique denier, color, and reflective coating of the material combine with our specialized canopy shape to provide lower temperature shaded protection than typical plastic tents.

ReCanvas material is a premium denier, weft, and weave of 100% recycled fibers designed for tough outdoor activities. ReCanvas provides maximum-rated UPF 50+  protection from the sun, is water resistant yet lightweight.ReCanvas and it’s highly reflective, water resistent coating is PFAS-Free.

ReCanvas fibers are made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. Using single-use plastic bottles that avoid ending up in a floating ocean garbage patch or as harmful beach debris is key to creating a sustainable beach tent that also lasts longer than cheap, disposable alternatives.

Made to last, just not forever

Typical beach tents made from cheap eco-destructive materials barely last, before they end up in the trash bin, and on their way to ocean garbage patches and beaches near you. Beach shelters made from ReCanvas are tough and built to last. They can be washed, and used over and over again for sun-safe days at the beach.

Designed for the outdoors

Sun Safe

ReCanvas is eco-friendly, but also cooling and sun-safe, providing the highest material rating of UPF 50+ protection and reflection of harmful sun rays.


ReCanvas fibers are tough but lightweight, making for an easily portable, foldable, and stowable material.


ReCanvas sun shelters can be machine-washed at low temperature. ReCanvas will dry quickly in natural sunlight.

Sun-dried naturally

To further reduce processing, use less energy and to eliminate the carbon emissions typically applied to the processing of traditional outddoor canvas applications ReCanvas is dried naturally in the sun.

Less CO2 and fossil fuels

Traditional polyester and nylon beach tents are made from synthetic polymers derived from virgin fossil fuels. Starting with recycled plastic means less CO2, virgin fossil fuels, and greenhouse gases are used or created when making ReCanvas.

A materials problem

While no one sets out to the beach to intentionally harm the environment and spoil one of natures most beautiful playgrounds, the options available for protecting yourself outdoors are mostly limited to eco-destructive plastic tents, umbrellas and shades.

Our goal is to provide an alternative material solution that is attractive but also created with care for the environment overall and specifically the outdoor locations where it will be used.

Let’s change our approach to outdoor gear

Despite the growing danger the harsh sun and volatile environment present to outdoor activities. It’s up to us to take responsibility for our role in creating harmony between nature and humans with mindful choices.

Sustainability Mission