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Recently a friend of mine asked me if his sister in Canada could buy The Crescent Beach Tent on Amazon. Sadly I had to tell him no. As of the date of writing this article, The Crescent is only offered as a direct-to-consumer purchase from our Blacks Beach Originals website. You might be wondering why?

It’s a fair question and one that the answer to may change in the future if the economics and logistics warrant developing that channel for our business. Amazon and other retailers have great reputations and excellent shipping capabilities, but for now… we aren’t going that route.

Creating The Crescent has been a labor of love for our small team, with one of the biggest challenges being to create the ReCanvas material that makes the tent eco-friendly and yet so special because of its beautiful canvas-like look, durability, sun protection, and hand feel. That process has taken time and money.

As a small business, we are still in the “proving that people are interested stage” of purchasing eco-friendly outdoor gear, and in particular beach tents made from ReCanvas. We feel the best way to find that out is to price the product in as realistic and fair value way we can possibly manage. Adding the 30%+ margins and logistical costs required by online or other brick-and-mortar retail channels we feel would put the price of the product out of reach of many of the people who care most about the environment.

In our humble opinion, ReCanvas is a premium material, The Crescent Beach Tent is an eco-friendly, durable, built-to-last product. It’s more expensive than the cheap, plastic, dare I say disposable beach tents on offer at Walmart. But that low-value, disposable purchase behavior is part of what creating products like The Crescent and building a company like BBO is all about. We hope you agree and we look forward to servicing you directly.

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