Crescent Beach Tent


Our most portable beach tent for beautiful & cool, eco-friendly beach shade.

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RecycledRecycled Recanvas
LightweightLightweight Portable
UPF50+UPF50+ Sun Protection
EcoEco friendly, PFAS-Free

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  • Weight 1.8kg / 4lbs

    Height: 1.2m / 4ft

  • Dimensions (Standing) 2.2m x 1.2m / 7ft, 2in x 4ft

  • Dimensions (Packed) 60cm x 12cm / 60in x 5in

  • UV Protection UPF 50+ Sun

  • Materials - 300D ReCanvas
    - 100% Recycled PET Plastic tear resistant, water resistant
    - PFAS-Free
    - Aluminium 7001 8.5mm tent poles
    - Organic Cotton strapping

Beach Tent Features

Sand-safe Pockets

6 raised internal pockets provide safe storage space for personal items and tent stability.

100% Recycled ReCanvas

Durable, water-resistant, highest rated UPF 50+ sun-safe, eco-friendly fabric made for the outdoors.

Cooler Sun Shade

Up to 15° cooler in the shade with hightest rated UPF 50+ sun safe, heat reflecting protection that doesn’t sweat or wash off.

Maximum Airflow

Beat the stifling heat with great airflow in the shade that helps keep the Crescent cool and stable.

Portable & Lightweight

The perfect day at the beach, park or concert.


Built tough for the outdoors.

Eco Friendly

Recanvas is 100% recycled plastic, rewoven into a hard wearing canvas capable of withstanding harsh UV sunlight and the elements.

Built Tough

High quality components made laser etched from aluminium alloy for strength and durability at the beach. Designed to withstand the elements.

Sun Protection

Simple design and easy to setup. The Crescent sun tent blends simplicity with hard wearing design aesthetic built for the beach.


1.8kg / 4lbs

Dimensions (Standing)

2.2m x 1.2m / 7ft, 2in x 4ft

Dimensions (Packed)

60cm x 12cm / 60in x 5in

UV Protection

UPF 50+ Sunsafe


Aluminium 7001 8.5mm tent poles

Organic Cotton

Sand Safe Pockets

UPF 50+

100% Recycled PET Plastic, tear resistant

Organic Cotton

Easy 2-Minute Setup

Safety First

We’re committed to safety for people and the environment. Our products are designed to keep you safe from the sun and harmful chemicals.

Globally Recycled

Our recycled PET is certified recycled. Sourced from our reliable partners in Taiwan. We’re taking down plastic one botttle at a time.

100% Certified

Certified sustainable, our materials are made from 100% recycled PET plastic. Combined into ReCanvas fabric

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 100% recycled?

The Crescent canopy is made of 100% recycled plastic weaved into ReCanvas. The poles and buckles are made of aluminum. There are no PFAS in the fabric or coating.

What do you mean by 15° cooler?

The Crescent provides the maximum rating of UPF 50+ white fabric sun protection, refelection and shade, as well as great air flow which can make the shaded temperature in the tent up to 15° cooler. Read here to understand the science and why a heat absorbing, blue ocean-bound plastic tent won’t be cooler.

Wind & weather

The Crescent is water resistant, durable and washable. Great airflow and corner pockets can be used to add weight and make it stable in windier weather.

Sand, grass, concrete & stones

The “Feet” and design of the Crescent is perfect for all kinds of terrain found in backyards, parks, concert grounds, rivers and beaches.

Care & maintenance

Our material does not use dyes or harmful chemicals to render color. This means your sun shade might get a little dirty from time to time.

Our sun-shades are best cleaned with some warm water and detergent. Hang dry for fresh use over and over again.

Where is the Crescent made?

The Crescent is hand-made in Taiwan. We visit (and surprise visit) the factory regularly and can personally verify the working conditions, hours of operation, and the safety of production and employees are world-class. We’re proud of our manufacturing partner.

75 large recycled plastic bottles in every tent

Help save our oceans, parks & beaches. Let’s take sustainability seriously together.