Blacks Beach Originals FAQ

Who is Blacks Beach Originals (BBO)?

BBO is an American company (registered Deleware C Corp) founded by Tim Brown (Canadian) and Matt James (Australian).

Why isn't The Crescent available on Amazon, at Walmart, at Costco etc?

The short answer is to save you money. If you’d like to know more you can read our blog post:

Do you have a returns policy?

Yes, please check out the full details here.

Do you plan to sell other products than beach tents?

BBO has plans to expand our tent product lines as well as include other eco-friendly products that fit our sustainability mission. Stay tuned…

Do BBO beach tents contain PFAS?

No. Blacks Beach Originals beach tent’s are made from our unique ReCanvas fabric that has no PFAS in it or it’s water resistant coating.

What do you mean by 15° cooler?

The Crescent provides the maximum rating of UPF 50+ fabric sun protection and shade, as well as great air flow which can make the shaded temperature in the tent up to 15° cooler. Read here to understand the science.

Where are BBO beach tents made?

Our eco-friendly beach tents are hand-made in a factory in Taiwan. Taiwan is a self-governed, democratic country ranked first in Asia and fifth globally in terms of net financial assets per capita. We visit (and surprise visit) the factory regularly and can personally verify the working conditions, hours of operation, and safety of production are world-class. We’re proud of our manufacturing partner.

Which tent is best for the beach?

If you mean the beach as a natural ecosystem we would recommend our products as the most eco-friendly option. If you mean for protection from the sun… we’re that tent too!

Are beach tents a good idea?

Sunscreen washes off and in today’s climate, you need a solution that can provide you shade and protection after just a few minutes in direct sunlight. Our beach tents are portable and let  you be right where you want to be on the beach when you need them.

Why get a beach tent?

Our beach tents, canopies and shelters provide UPF ratings (SPF 50) which is good enough to protect your skin for most part of the day.

Can I take The Crescent for a vacation on a plane and have it fit my luggage ?

Yes. At only 51cm (20 inches) in length, The Crescent will fit in your carry-on bag or luggage. 

Can The Crescent be set up on other surfaces than sand?

Absolutely. The Crescent can be set up on the grass at the park or back yard.